Personalised daily reminders on bread? This you’ve got to watch. Trying to include Actimel in every Brazilian families’ breakfast, Danone created toasters that ‘toasted’ messages on bread, reminding moms to give their kids a daily dose of flu fighting Actimel. They sent these to ‘influencial’ moms, who could keep the supply of Actimel coming in by sharing aww-cho-chweeet photos of their kids eating the branded bread.

Couple that with every mom’s inherent desire to share photos of her kids’ every second of the day, and you have a seriously potent formula for this going ‘viral’ (pun always intended)


Every once in a while, I come across something that makes me think, DAMN IT. I want to be a part of this! And often I can’t, because I’m stuck in Singapore as bonded labour, or I don’t have the moolah to make it happen, or I’m just plain lazy and just continue watching Greys Anatomy or something. But then I stumbled upon the No Right Brains Left Behind idea, and it’s the kind of thing that you are already involved in, whether you know it or not.

When Singapore added inculcating creativity and innovation to it’s agenda, [flashback to my Creative Thinking class in Year 1 of university…] I wasn’t surprised. Its evidently an area most of Singapore isn’t seen as getting straight A’s for, and certainly not one of the top five adjectives you’d use to describe this city state [efficient x5?]

So here is an innovative and social process that taps on the best minds in education and creativity, to come up with ‘tools to solve 21st century problems for the creative crisis in US education.’ Revolutionary. But when you have minds like Sir Ken Robinson, Bogusky, Piers Fawkes etc etc (including Jason Oke, who I recently had the chance to meet) – how can it not be?

Singapore, stay tuned and take notes!

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This is less about the photography and more about the app that enables it. Instagram is a totally free, ridiculously addictive and beautifully designed photo sharing app. Who needs 140 characters when a picture speaks a 1000 words? Downsides: still no sharing through WordPress though, and kind of makes me want to change my theme to a non-cluttered all black!

Night & Day, Singapore

All in a day’s work. @Universal Studios Singapore

Warhol + Dior. The partnership that should’ve been.

Hanging out @Universal Studios Singapore

Grungy and full of character. Dead alley so alive @Universal Studios Singapore

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So I was just reading my own twitter feed, trying to find an article that I hadn’t tagged on delicious, when I stumbled upon this tweet that I had totally forgotten to elaborate upon on my blog. [Yes, I am fully aware that sounds like a line from How to Speak like a Digital Native 101]

This documentary amazingly captures so many of my interests at once. Branding, check. Fashion marketing, check. Trendsetting, trendspotting, check check. New York!, check! Sartorialist. TED. I could go on, but I’m assuming you’ve already watched the video [seriously, watch it] [No really, I mean it. WATCH.]

The best part for me? It’s not one of those We Have All The Answers On The Future videos. But I came away with so many questions after I watched this. What are the places I go to based on passion? Who influences the influencer? What tips it over the tipping point? What are brands thinking when they think they can gatecrash the trend party? What are you made of when you’re all by yourself? What inspires me? Who do I inspire?

Coincidentally, I was in New York this summer and bumped into the Influencer statue dude [not knowing back then that he was the Influencer statue dude] Did I say coincidence? I don’t think so.

After I impulsively booked my flight tickets to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, the plan was to go in completely unprepared. No in-depth analysis of hotels on tripadvisor. No immediate borrowing of a Lonely Planet from the National Library. No asking all my friends on facebook about their experiences with wifi connectivity in ‘nam. I was planning an off the map trip, and it would be off the social map as well.

Ten countdownable days before I took a step into Foreign Territory, I had still not succumbed to my craving of finding out the closest ban minh place to our hotel that my friend had checked out and checked in to online. As hard as it was, I didn’t even Wikipedia my suspicions on Ho Chi Minh’s ‘district’ layout.

Typically, by the week before I took off into undiscovered lands, I would already have a neatly labeled array of information on the destination filed away in my brain. (Precationary Measures for Independent Young Women- Check) This time, that compartment was pretty much empty. And I was begining to crumble under the social pressure of just Googling it all.

Fast forward the week of what I can only say was synonymous to a drug addict’s withdrawal mechanism, I survived the Information Overload courtesy the world wide social media web and arrived in Vietnam, hungry for information and starving for that ban mian (which by now had morphed into the most delicious thing in the world thanks to my over active imagination and zero visual clue of what it actually was)

The city hit me hard with it’s completely unadulterated and immensely vast self. It was like biting into a delicious dish, with no clue as to what each ingredient was and every flavour making its presence known by a delightful explosion on your tongue. From hours spent bargaining for adorable dresses as we figured out the Dong in Ben Thanh to literally stumbling upon the most delightful French bakery opposite our convieniently located hotel, we were like two little kids playing treasure hunt in the big city. It was a strangely new feeling to not be a walking wikipedia, but man did it give new meaning to ‘not all who wander are lost’

The other night at Clarke Quay, I watched two very, very drunk people try and find each other on facebook despite being drowned out by the loud music & their significantly reduced hand-eye coordination. If I had bumped into this on mashable sooner, I would have definitely recommended it to the alcohol-crossed lovers..

Not to say that Bump 2.0 is only useful in inebriated situations- given that it can compare calendars, instantly connect on LinkedIn, facebook and Twitter as well as allow you to continue a conversation without having to Bump again- it has huge potential for use at business networking events.

I didn’t think I’d ever consider online dating sites, but this one has come closest to changing my mind.

Alikewise is a dating site which promises to match people based on their taste in books, and given that the first spark I shared with my current boyfriend revolved around a conversation on my reading list – I’m hooked to the idea!

Of course you’d need more than a common love for Vikram Seth to find true love, but it is a great starting page. Would be even better if this can be integrated into a location based application, or as a layer on existing apps like foursquare – a push notification that I just passed someone else who wanted to be an architect solely due to The Fountainhead will definitely stop me in my tracks!