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After I impulsively booked my flight tickets to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, the plan was to go in completely unprepared. No in-depth analysis of hotels on tripadvisor. No immediate borrowing of a Lonely Planet from the National Library. No asking all my friends on facebook about their experiences with wifi connectivity in ‘nam. I was planning an off the map trip, and it would be off the social map as well.

Ten countdownable days before I took a step into Foreign Territory, I had still not succumbed to my craving of finding out the closest ban minh place to our hotel that my friend had checked out and checked in to online. As hard as it was, I didn’t even Wikipedia my suspicions on Ho Chi Minh’s ‘district’ layout.

Typically, by the week before I took off into undiscovered lands, I would already have a neatly labeled array of information on the destination filed away in my brain. (Precationary Measures for Independent Young Women- Check) This time, that compartment was pretty much empty. And I was begining to crumble under the social pressure of just Googling it all.

Fast forward the week of what I can only say was synonymous to a drug addict’s withdrawal mechanism, I survived the Information Overload courtesy the world wide social media web and arrived in Vietnam, hungry for information and starving for that ban mian (which by now had morphed into the most delicious thing in the world thanks to my over active imagination and zero visual clue of what it actually was)

The city hit me hard with it’s completely unadulterated and immensely vast self. It was like biting into a delicious dish, with no clue as to what each ingredient was and every flavour making its presence known by a delightful explosion on your tongue. From hours spent bargaining for adorable dresses as we figured out the Dong in Ben Thanh to literally stumbling upon the most delightful French bakery opposite our convieniently located hotel, we were like two little kids playing treasure hunt in the big city. It was a strangely new feeling to not be a walking wikipedia, but man did it give new meaning to ‘not all who wander are lost’