No Right Brains Left Behind? Damn right.

Posted: January 27, 2011 in Innovation, Inspirational, Interesting ideas

Every once in a while, I come across something that makes me think, DAMN IT. I want to be a part of this! And often I can’t, because I’m stuck in Singapore as bonded labour, or I don’t have the moolah to make it happen, or I’m just plain lazy and just continue watching Greys Anatomy or something. But then I stumbled upon the No Right Brains Left Behind idea, and it’s the kind of thing that you are already involved in, whether you know it or not.

When Singapore added inculcating creativity and innovation to it’s agenda, [flashback to my Creative Thinking class in Year 1 of university…] I wasn’t surprised. Its evidently an area most of Singapore isn’t seen as getting straight A’s for, and certainly not one of the top five adjectives you’d use to describe this city state [efficient x5?]

So here is an innovative and social process that taps on the best minds in education and creativity, to come up with ‘tools to solve 21st century problems for the creative crisis in US education.’ Revolutionary. But when you have minds like Sir Ken Robinson, Bogusky, Piers Fawkes etc etc (including Jason Oke, who I recently had the chance to meet) – how can it not be?

Singapore, stay tuned and take notes!

  1. Alan says:

    Is creativity training, creative thinking training truly becoming part of SINGAPORE?

    I gave my first creative thinking workshops in Singapore in 2001 and have returned 9 other times including last November for SIM – Singapore Institute of Management and the 2008 American Creativity Association’s Conference held at the Copthorne Hotel on the Singapore River.

    Still I see little real change in Singapore related to the development of creative thinking skills in students or citizens.

    Mostly a lot of iniatives and talk.

    • Hi Alan, thanks for stopping by!

      I’ve been in Singapore about 5 and a half years now, and I think it’s still in the ‘before’ stage, with a lot of talk around it as you mention but not much impact as yet.

      Maybe the trick lies in starting younger, not just in universities but in schools as well – which is why SOTA (pre-tertiary arts school) is such a great investment for the innovation economy. From the looks of it, this US based No Right Brains Left Behind project is going for even younger kids in their formative years.

  2. Alan says:

    slide show is very colorful and creative. thanks for sharing it. good luck with your program in february. Check on Tim Hamons in Singapore and Dilip M Dilip M ; who has written several books about developing creativity, also check Rob Devine who has lived and worked in Singapore for many years teaching workshops about creativity

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