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So I was just reading my own twitter feed, trying to find an article that I hadn’t tagged on delicious, when I stumbled upon this tweet that I had totally forgotten to elaborate upon on my blog. [Yes, I am fully aware that sounds like a line from How to Speak like a Digital Native 101]

This documentary amazingly captures so many of my interests at once. Branding, check. Fashion marketing, check. Trendsetting, trendspotting, check check. New York!, check! Sartorialist. TED. I could go on, but I’m assuming you’ve already watched the video [seriously, watch it] [No really, I mean it. WATCH.]

The best part for me? It’s not one of those We Have All The Answers On The Future videos. But I came away with so many questions after I watched this. What are the places I go to based on passion? Who influences the influencer? What tips it over the tipping point? What are brands thinking when they think they can gatecrash the trend party? What are you made of when you’re all by yourself? What inspires me? Who do I inspire?

Coincidentally, I was in New York this summer and bumped into the Influencer statue dude [not knowing back then that he was the Influencer statue dude] Did I say coincidence? I don’t think so.


I have my eyes on the Reebonz 99% sale for more reasons than the $25 Marc Jacobs bag.

For those of you who have been living under a rock, Reebonz is an exclusive online store which has pop up sales for high end fashionistas (and window shoppers such as yours truly)

The much awaited 99% off sale was scheduled to start at 4 pm on 12th July, but by 6 pm instead of oooh aaahs and thank yous, the facebook page was crammed with customer complaints. For it’s part, Reebonz did try to manage the situation (they were even brave enough to steal Barney’s line) but eventually had to *sigh* remove the sale due to ‘overwhelming demand’ (duh. What did they expect! Singapore probably has the highest per capita demand for luxury products)

It’s interesting how the conversation is turning out on its Facebook page, with some fans defending the brand(in the hope of a freebie?), some downright pissed off and some trying to turn it into a career opportunity ;)

Stay tuned for whether reebonz goes on to shatter hearts or dent bank balances.