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Personalised daily reminders on bread? This you’ve got to watch. Trying to include Actimel in every Brazilian families’ breakfast, Danone created toasters that ‘toasted’ messages on bread, reminding moms to give their kids a daily dose of flu fighting Actimel. They sent these to ‘influencial’ moms, who could keep the supply of Actimel coming in by sharing aww-cho-chweeet photos of their kids eating the branded bread.

Couple that with every mom’s inherent desire to share photos of her kids’ every second of the day, and you have a seriously potent formula for this going ‘viral’ (pun always intended)


You can’t predict the future, but you sure can change the path that’s taking you headfirst into it. That seems to be the thought behind ‘We are all Workers’- the new Levi’s campaign based in Braddock, a town that shares the brand’s challenge to stay relevant in current times.

This is the first part of a series of videos that will hopefully inspire change, create possibilities and revitalize both the Braddock and Levi’s brands. I like what Gatorade’s Replay has started – here’s hoping that more brands pick up on the actual meaning of ‘meaningful contribution’ to society.

For more on the campaign, click here